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Jun 17, 2016

Let's Talk WWDC!
The 13 Biggest Announcements from WWDC 16 by the Verge
Here’s Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 16 by wired

1:30 Why can’t Siri make an appointment for someone not in my contacts?  Apple Forum discussion:

3:28  Apple Watch featured at WWDC. Software updates, no hardware upgrades for the near future.
New Features Coming to Apple Watch Scribble Mode and S.O.S.

4:33  New Scribble Mode feature on Apple Watch.

6:00  New SOS feature for 911 Emergency calls on iPhone.
Patrons Formerly Bluelight Emergency IOS App
YouTube Commercial Help i’ve Fallen and I can’t Get Up

7:48  New iPhone Remote with Siri interface for AppleTV.
How to Control Your AppleTV with the Remote App for iPhone or iPad

9:23  Apple now offers single login for all of your Cable Network Apps.
AppleTV Gets new Siri functionality and Single Sign In for Cable Networks

12:12  Apple unveils Mac OS Sierra.
Mac OS Sierra Everything We Know by MacRumors

13:18  Siri coming to a Mac near you.
Siri For Mac Rumored Released Date

14:40  New Universal Clipboard feature.
Universal Clipboard Coming to Mac OS Sierra and IOS

17:30  Apple Pay coming to a web browser near you.
Apple Pay Coming to Safari by MacRumors

19:08  Improved Continuity between all your Apple devices.
Mac OS Sierra New Continuity Features

20:15 Meet Laura Legendary, accessibility advocate and entrepreneur.
Be sure to check out Laura’s Booth at the upcoming ACB Convention in Minneapolis. She will be displaying her creations at Booth 9.

21:35  Laura explains her latest business venture, Elegant Insights.
Guest Laura Legendary Elegant Insights Braille Creations

28:25  Laura explains the process of learning, building, developing and managing an ecommerce web presence using the accessible themes and features available with Word Press.
The Wordpress Accessibility Handbook
The 10 Best Accessible Ready Wordpress Themes
Wordpress for IOS

33:33  Laura shares the inspiration behind the founding of Elegant Insights.

36:56  Promoting your brand on Twitter.
The Twitter Glossary for Newbies
EasyChirp Great Place for Twitter Newbies Using a Screen Reader to Start
Twitterrific For IOS Our Favorite Twitter Client for the iPhone

40:20  @accessible_info, Laura's Twitter account for accessibility advocacy, information and issues.
Follow Laura on Twitter at @accessible_info

44:40  Laura is also the co-founder of The Fashionability Channel Podcast.

55:22  Contact Information for Laura Legendary of Elegant Insights.
To keep up with Laura Legendary follow her on Twitter @accessible_info, and make sure to visit her website to see all the great jewelry at and @ElegantInsights on Twitter, and on Facebook at  and her blog is  and for all things Fashion check out

59:20  New 3D touch features coming to iOS 10.
Apple Announces 3D Touch Expanding Almost Everywhere

1:00:32  Siri integration with QuickType.
QuickType and Siri to Play Nicer Together

1:05:55  New features and improvements coming to Apple Maps.
Maps to Get Smarter in IOS 10. Could They Really Get Dumber?

1:06:18  WWDC not too exciting for Brian & Ed.
Facial and Object Recognition Coming to IOS
How Will Apple’s New Subscription Pricing Effect You?

1:08:02  New layout coming to News.
Apple News To Get Improved User Experience

1:09:28  Apple to release Swift Playground.
Swift Playgrounds Preview from Apple

1:11:00  New features for iMessage.
Apple Turbo Charges Messages in IOS 10

1:14:20  The Blind Man Cometh Show in Rochester, New York, featuring iAccessVO co-host, Brian Fischler.  
Upstate New Yorkers Come on out to see Brian and Nash performing in Rochester, NY on June 29, 2016.  Show presented by the Center for Disability Rights

Please contact us with feedback, questions, ideas and suggestions at:
Our call in, answer only line: (732) 660-8641
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 iAccessVO, Making It Happen With VoiceOver Accessibility.
     Co-hosts: Brian Fischler, Ed Plumacher
     Content Director: Brian Fischler
     Post Production Engineer: Patrick Lafayette
     Music Provided by: Rishi "Drummerboy" Mack
     Executive Producer: Ed Plumacher
 © Copyright 2016 iAccessVO  All Rights Reserved

Jun 4, 2016

00:47 Ed finally retires his iPhone 4s and discusses his new iPhone SE.

Eureka Ed Finally gets his iPhone SE! iPhone SE Tear Down

30 Apps that allow you to use fingerprint identification to buy things

06:10 Brian visits the Apple store to fix what he thinks is a hardware issue with his iPhone 6s, only to find out that the problem was nothing more than a little lint in the charging port.

7 Reasons Why Your Phone May Not Be Charging Properly

09:40 Gestures make navigating easier. Switching between "Today View" and "Notifications View" is quick and easy with a three finger swipe left to right, or right to left. Switching between Apps is easy with a four finger swipe left to right or right to left. No need to activate the App switcher with the home button.

19 Best Notification Widgets for your iPhone

VLC for IOS Ed’s Go To Video Player

12:45 Vocal iQ and the rise of the digital home personal assistant.  Amazon, Google and Apple are all in when it comes to this new technology.

Apple and the Future of Vocal IQ

Could A Stand Alone Siri Device Be Coming To A Home Near You?

Google Home is Coming but Will It Be accessible To the Blind?

Martin Scorsese Siri Ad. If Only Siri Really Worked That Good!

What Would Steve Jobs Think of Apple Today?

16:11 Rumors about the next generation iPhone abound as WWDC fast approaches. Will the new iPhone 7 Pro have 4 speakers? Dual lens camera, is it enough to excite you about the new iPhone 7?  Next year, 2017 will be the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone, expect a lot of changes and innovations next year.

Could the iPhone 7 have Four Speakers?

Although Over A Year Away the Rumor Mill Already Has Expectations for the iPhone 8 in 2017

20:10 Should we make iAccessVO available in the Google Play store?  

22:30 John Panarese of Mac For The Blind.

22:40 Apple brings back the sidebar in their latest iTunes release.

The Side Bar Returns to iTunes, Well Not Exactly

Helpful Advice. If You Do not See Your Content After Updating iTunes.

Apple is Now Making House Calls to Fix iTunes Bugs

27:47 Listener Call in segment.  Call our answer line at (732) 660-8641. State your name, where you are from and then leave feedback, ask a question or share your latest iOS or Mac tip or trick.  Our call in question: "Is there a version of Capti Narrator or something similar for the Mac?"

How To Read BookShare Books On A Mac

Capti Narrator

Lucidor E Book Reader

33:27 Listener email segment. Owen, a high school student wants to know if he should go Mac or PC?  Brian, Ed and John discuss the many options and features of both and the ultimate solution, running Windows on your Mac with Bootcamp or Fusion.

43:35 Brian reviews his new Zagg speaker charging case for the iPhone. Ed discusses Unu battery cases for iPhone.

ZAGG Speaker Case For iPhone 6/6S

MOPHIE Juice Pack Battery Cases

UNU Battery Cases

Ikea Wireless Charging

Please contact us with questions, ideas and suggestions at:
    Follow us on Twitter: @iAccessVO
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iAccessVO, Making It Happen With VoiceOver Accessibility.
    Co-hosts: Brian Fischler, Ed Plumacher
    Content Director: Brian Fischler
    Post Production Engineer: Patrick Lafayette
    Music Provided by: Rishi "Drummerboy" Mack
    Executive Producer: Ed Plumacher

© Copyright 2016 iAccessVO  All Rights Reserved